Manicure services

A traditional manicure completed with a nail and cuticle push back and removed by handheld device; followed by an application of classic polish and hydrating cream. (Suitable for men and women)

Unique detailed manicure completed by using 5-6 different cuticle bits and an electric file. The before and after results show remarkable differences from the traditional classic manicure. Hand massage and application of classic polish make the final touch simply perfect. (Suitable for men and women)

Also known as soak – off gel polish. It is perfect for adding strengths to weak nails that are short to mid length. The pigment is stronger, and consistency is thicker comparing to a classic polish.

European manicure followed by strengthening agent. Unscented clear hard gel fuses together your nails’ top layers to improve nail plate integrity under any gel polish coating. Also used to keep natural nails strong for faster and better growth.

Performing hard gel manicure with a nail extension forms to perfectly extend the nail to the length of client’s desire by using pure gel and build the perfect form finishing up with gel polish. Please note, there are no refills. Every time it is a new application of gel since it is being filed off to reduce infections such as mold and fungus.

Our men’s manicure is perfect for a complete clean look. It includes nails shaping, cuticle grooming, relaxing hand massage and optional clear polish or buff.

Choose a following as an add – on to your Manicure Treatment

  • Lavender Spa Paraffin Treatment $15.00 (15min)
    Treatment is available only as an addition to a manicure of your choice. This is best suited for men and women with rough or dry skin. Using single use Perfectsense Chamber heats with disposable paraffin. Chamber melts paraffin directly into sealed gloves at the perfect 125-degree temperature and protects clients from burns. It provides AromaVapor therapy with pure essential oils.
  • Hot Stone Spa Manicure Treatment $25.00 (15min)
    Treatment is available only as an addition to a manicure of your choice. Luxurious care for nails performed by using aromatic salt rub, hydrating mask, hot towel wrap and hot stone massage. Immerse yourself in tranquility and relaxation.
  • Princess Manicure – 12 years old and under $10.00
    (Available with and adult booking service)
  • French Classic Polish Application $5.00
  • French Soft Gel Application $7.00
  • Free Hand Painting/ Flat Nail Art $8.00 & up
  • 3D Flower Petals $15.00 & up
  • Airbrushing $5.00 & up
  • Foiling $5.00 & up
  • Gems $10.00 & up
  • Chrome Powder $10.00 & up
  • Gel Nail Repair $15.00 & up