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Two of our finest artists. Both of them are so professional about their services and give their best to our customers.



Marta Mazurak

Makeup Artist

Trynkina Katsiaryna

We love what we do everyday


O&B Style is a European Spa & Beauty Salon – Boutique, modern version of the traditional salon. We offer a totally different and new experience to your typical salon visit. Our focus is on mind free, relaxation and rejuvenation. A cup of tea in our Spa -Boutique with relaxing music and a fresh scent of aromatherapy will help you to unwind and enjoy your time. Our custom-made manicures, pedicures, skin care treatments is a state – of – the – art; brand new ventilation system, all new European technology and skin care equipment and most important part is sterilization process to eliminate bacteria and health issues makes best world-class performance and safety place.

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